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This AK-47 combat vest mount is widely used by contractors. The AK-47 is a very common weapon in the crew of private security companies that provide protection services in high-risk areas. It is tough, it is reliable and most importantly for businesses, it is very economical and with very little money it can be dramatically improved.

 This disposition of the material in the vest allows us to have 7 magazines of 30 7.62X39 cartridges, which makes a total of 210 cartridges. With the placement of two extra magazine holders, we use one as a holster for the short weapon and the other to carry a grenade, smoke canister or similar element. We added two magazine holders for the pistol (which adds up to a supply of 55 rounds for a Glock 17 with 17 + 2 magazines) and a holster for the flashlight. In addition, this vest has a rear compartment that can be used as an integrated backpack for extra ammunition or for a hydration system.

The MOLLE system throughout the vest allows us to add elements such as TCCC first aid kit, combat ration, etc. Magazine holders for the AK-47 hold these with an easy-to-release rubber band, allowing for quicker changes. The downside is that they are exposed to dirt, mud, sand, etc. Actually, in an AK-47, this is not a big problem, but in weapons like the HK G36 or an M4 it is something that must be taken into account, as they are much more delicate weapons and less reliable against dirt.

The most important thing is that this vest allows you to carry all the material very close to the body, which is a fundamental advantage in combat. It is very important not to lose mobility due to the material we carry, as in the case of bulky vests, leg holsters for pistols, etc. Chargers in very large cases or bulky vests can prevent us from lying on the ground by offering as little target as possible, or for example getting out of a vehicle or entering through the window of a house, etc. The closer to the body we have all the material, without it protruding and can be hooked, the more compact the whole equipment is, the faster and more effective we will be and the efficiency is safety.