Tactical Training Institute

Tactical Training Institute

Especialistas en formación internacional de alto nivel


Good training saves lives and results in greater efficiency on every mission. For this reason, TTI-OPS is concerned with training in an effective and proven way, a quality that clients request from us in the face of poor training by unqualified, self-titled instructors or without real experience that put the lives of students at risk. and innocent human beings.

At TTI-OPS we value in our instructors, in addition to all their teaching skills, real experience. For this reason, all of our instructors have a minimum of 10 years of experience in Army Special Forces, the police or have worked as contractors in high risk areas.

The teaching capacity as a fundamental requirement makes us an academy through which more than 25,000 students have passed, from civilians, journalists to police, military and special operations groups from different countries.

Our instructors with up to 20 years of training have the appropriate experience and knowledge for each type of student.
The real combat experience of our instructors, their participation in operations from Afghanistan to the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, endorse the techniques and procedures taught and tested in real and high risk situations.

TTI-OPS instructors have extensive experience in training state forces and security, as well as private security personnel and individuals, recognized by different organizations in various countries in America and Europe.

All of our instructors are still active and performing security operations. For this reason we take care of their anonymity, in the same way that we take care of the anonymity of our students. The seriousness, professionalism and ethics of our instructors, as well as the organization, are essential.

Since its foundation in 1998, TTI-OPS has created a network of professionals who share their experiences and value, test and create instructional and intervention techniques perfectly adapted to the legal and social situations of each country in which we work.