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Tactical Training Institute

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In this video we can see a building assault training exercise during the population combat course. The assumption is that of a small, heavily armed group (3), without hostages and highly motivated and determined not to be arrested alive. Faced with the decision of not being able to prolong the situation any longer, the assault team breaks the central structure of the double-leaf door and throws a grenade inside to later enter and neutralize the little resistance that may still exist inside. Another safer option is to enter through one of the walls or through the roof of the building. Even simultaneously for two gaps.

It is important not to rush inside as a group. After an explosion, the enemy’s position and status must be detected in order to safely adapt to his response, but without allowing him too much time to recover. It is not a stun or stun grenade, it is a defensive grenade with the aim of making all possible casualties. In this type of situation, the life of the personnel involved must be ensured.

Meanwhile, the other half of the team, covering 360º, at a certain distance, prevents anyone from escaping or from receiving help from the outside.

In the case of hostages or even having to arrest members of the armed group, assuming the high possibility of having casualties among our men, the operation would be very different.