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Tactical Training Institute

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The provision of the short weapon, as a support weapon, in the case of failure in the long weapon, can only be in two places, tactical vest or waist. We must avoid at all costs leg covers, which have become so fashionable. They are comfortable, but they hook when exiting the vehicles or when progressing through the interior of areas of jungle or closed forest. They also make us lose speed when running.

In this video we can see that the transition of the long weapon is made by throwing the weapon to the right side, where we find the short weapon allowing us to extract it quickly and safely.

This modifies the usual position that most of the operative personnel use and that forces to throw the weapon towards the opposite side where we place the short weapon. This may seem logical initially, since while with one hand we place the long weapon at our side, with the other hand we extract the short weapon. The reality is not like that. It is much faster than the proposed form, but also, in the case of having to use the long weapon, for some other tactical reason, its grip is much faster and more effective, since our right hand will grip the weapon directly.