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Tactical Training Institute

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In this video we can observe a basic exercise, the process of drawing, loading the weapon and changing the magazine, reducing silhouette.

Once again, we see that with the correct technique, no time is wasted in loading the weapon, or in reducing silhouette or taking cover behind a vehicle to change the magazine. We can see that the right hand when holding the weapon does not stop at any time, exactly as it would when firing a cartridge shot in the chamber.

Even so, carrying the rifle with a cartridge in the chamber is highly recommended in most cases. The time difference to the first shot is 1.08 “without a cartridge chamber, against 0.80”, 28 hundredths of a second.

Changing the magazine takes the same time as doing it standing up, 1.19 ″. The reason is very simple, while the magazine is removed from the holster, the one in the weapon falls and we crouch in a single movement. It is very important to place the elbow of the hand wielding the weapon on the hip. By not varying the distance between the elbow and the hand, the weapon is always in the same place and thus it is possible to insert the magazine into its housing quickly and precisely, always greatly reducing time.