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Tactical Training Institute

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The mastery of shooting from a moving vehicle to several targets consists of three very important aspects:

The first consists of adopting a stable and supportive posture with the vehicle, but keeping the weapon and arms away and without any type of contact with the vehicle. In this way, we can cushion the movement of the vehicle.

The second is to keep the gun pointed following the target without precipitating the shot and only fire the shots that allow time. Do not attempt a saturation shot and less if there is a possibility of injuring innocents.

Third and last, do not force the rear angle position and anticipate each of the targets by looking for them on the axis of the weapon.

This shooting technique is useful from any moving vehicle, cars, motorcycles, etc. With proper practice, it is not difficult to hit 100% targets located at a distance of 15 meters at a speed of 50 km / hour.