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Many times they ask me, why are M4-type tactical carbines currently being wielded with such advanced grips? Even some well-known brands of accessories for “tuning” weapons have developed triangle-shaped front grips to be able to hold the weapon in this way. Well, the origin of this shooting technique can be found in the use during the Cold War of weapons with great firepower and small dimensions, such as the Scorpio or the Ingram MAC-10, for example.

In this video we can see the enormous stability that is achieved by extending the arm that holds the weapon in front. The weapon in question is a HK MP-5K with a rate of 1200 rounds per minute.
The absence of a stock makes it necessary to use the forward arm to perform this function. The technique can be used with all types of stockless weapons, including 12/76 cartridge shotguns.

It is evident that the fashion of holding the long gun with the forward arm fully extended is a meaningless deformation of this shooting technique which is used only in stockless weapons. If the weapon has a stock, place it securely on your shoulder and use it. Your forward arm with the elbow bent has much more strength than with the elbow straight. New techniques, when they do not bring any improvement, even worsen what has been done for many years, do not make sense.

You always have to apply common sense and accumulated experience. More and more we are being invaded by “gurus” who do not stop inventing and teaching disastrous techniques, which are spread by a large commercial machine.