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Tactical Training Institute

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The “tactical magazine change” technique tries to respond to the need not to waste any cartridge from the equipment carried by the agent in situations in which he may need each of the cartridges he carries. It is also often used with the last two loaders in heavy engagements, where the opponent offers great resistance.

It is essential in urban combat. For example, when after the first contact and having fired between 10 or 12 shots, the contact is broken, we still have 3 or 5 cartridges in the magazine of the weapon and we face each other again. For this reason, we extract the magazine from its holster and bring it closer to the weapon, extract the magazine from the weapon and insert the new magazine with the full supply. As we may need later, the 3 or 5 cartridges from the magazine that was in the gun initially, we hold it between the index finger and the middle finger. In this way we do not lose grip or precision.

It is very important not to remove the magazine from the weapon first, many officers do this, but doing this means that the weapon is left with only the cartridge that we have in the chamber for much longer than with the technique taught in the course.